LIFE PharmDegrade

Degradation of pharmaceuticals in wastewaters from nursing homes and hospitals September 2014 – November 2016

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LIFE PharmDegrade

A technological solution for the removal of residual pharmaceuticals and their metabolites in wastewater after treatment in biological wastewater treatment plants will be demonstrated within LIFE PharmDegrade project.

Some of the pharmaceuticals are complex and biologically persistent molecules, which are not degraded in the secondary stage of wastewater treatment. In some cases, their metabolites can emerge during the treatment process, which can be even more harmful for the environment as original compounds. The most often found residuals of pharmaceuticals in water are hormone drugs, antibiotics, painkillers, sedatives, etc.

The main goal of the LIFE PharmDegrade project is optimisation and demonstration of efficient and financially acceptable technology, based on the use of advanced oxidative processes with electro-oxidation technology. Electrochemical decomposition of drug residuals in the pilot plant is based on the formation of hydroxyl radicals (HO•) with the use of different electrodes (electrodes with mixed metal oxides, boron doped diamond electrodes, etc.) and electric current. Hydroxyl radicals are one of the most efficient oxidants and are capable of degradation of practically all known organic compounds and microorganisms. They are therefore highly applicable in the processes of the removal of hardly degradable pollutants from drinking water and wastewater.

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