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Short news published in the publication MOST

SBRA – Slovenian Business & Research Association has published a short information about our project in the 57th Issue of the publication MOST. The presentation can be accessed on the following link.


Presentation with the lecture on the 6th Croatian Water Conference, 22. May, 2015 Opatija

We will present the first LIFE PharmDegrade project results on the 6th Croatian Water Conference in Opatija with the following lecture:   Successful reduction of pharmaceuticals and herbicides from water: first laboratory-scale results of LIFE Pharmdegrade project”.   Summary Numerous studies have been published about the presence of pharmaceuticals and phytopharmaceuticals in wastewater, ground and even …


A location for pilot plant installation has been selected

The pilot plant with pre-treatment system and electrolytic cell will be installed at small municipal wastewater treatment plant with percolation system in Golnik, which is recipient of wastewaters coming from nearby hospital.


Presentation on the Second Congress of Slovenian society of toxicology

We will present our activities with the presentation Presence of pharmaceuticals in wastewater in Sloveni on the 2nd Congress of Slovenian society of toxicology on 23 and 24 April, 2015.


Presentation of our first laboratory research

Our first laboratory results of the project will be presented on the 6th CROATIAN WATER CONFERENCE in Opatija, 20 – 23. May, 2015.    


Open Issues on Environmentally Persistent Pharmaceutical Pollutants (EPPP)

The document “Environmentally Persistent Pharmaceutical Pollutants (EPPPs), Strategic Approach to international Chemicals Management (SACIM), Geneva, 2014” addresses important open questions and issues regarding the threats of pharmaceuticals to the environment and human health.


CHEM Trust Report: Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

The report “Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: A growing threat to our tap water and the environment” has been published by CHEM Trust. The report highlights the extent to which medicines are now polluting fresh-waters and the hazard they present in the case of no action. The report’s authors are calling for sewage treatment works to …