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Presentation of the project results on the conference VIVUS 2016, Naklo Slovenia

On 20 and 21 April 2016, we attended the 4th Conference VIVUS with international participation on nature conservation, agriculture, horticulture and food processing, which was held in Biotechnical center Naklo. At the conference we presented the article with the title Electrochemical oxidation technology for the reduction of refractory trace pollutants from water: 43_Rozina_Klancar_Trontelj_Roskar_Kristl_Meglic_Cater_Finzgar_Zupancic Justin_Z Presentation …


Completed laboratory experiments and the development of electrolytic cells

We have completed with the laboratory scale experiments within the project on the use of electrolytic cells for the degradation of drug (pharmaceuticals) residues in water. The use of boron-doped diamond electrodes showed high degradation efficiency. During the development phase, the electrolytic cell power supply system was upgraded with innovative solutions that enable us adjusting …